Monday, January 1, 2001

The Crayon Box

Welcome to The Crayon life.
A little about me, The Crayon Wrangler.
I am Mom to 3 girls (the pink crayons in my life) wife of 10 years to The Head Crayon, caretaker to my elderly in-laws (The Grays)
The blog is titled "Coloring Outside The Lines" because my goal in mothering The Scribblers is to teach them to define their own life and challenge what is "standard". I want them to learn through creativity rather than through structure alone.
The content of this blog is totally true and un-fabricated (although I do sprinkle some glitter from time to time) It was started for my family and friends to keep up with The Scribblers, but has turned into a wonderful outlet for me to share my experiences in being a mother with all the other mothers out there.

Time to meet the Crayons

Bitsy is our newest crayon, born 12-27-2009. We call her Bitsy because she was born at just a hair over 6lbs. She has been our tiniest baby. She's had a few little struggles since birth but overall is a very laidback baby. She is very vocal and "mumbles" constantly.

This is Belly, born 10-24-2007 (2 years old) We call her Belly because since birth she has always been on the "fluffier" side. She is our logical thinker and prefers toys like blocks and play tools. She seems to be laid back, but she is our patient attacker. Don't cross this child.

This is Buzz, born 12-10-2005 (4 years old) She earned her nickname after a run in with Daddy's hair clippers. She is our creative, think outside the box child. She is a mother at heart and looks over her little sisters.

These are The Grays (my in-laws) They are transitioning into living with us permanently. The female Gray is dealing with a lot of health issues involving her heart and the male Gray is in the beginning stages of Alzheimers.


Montessori Moments said...

What a cute family!

Baylee said...

awww, I didn't make the cut. BOO on YOU!
Just kidding, I will post on my own.


Ok i feel better now...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

"Don't cross this child", hahaha, I love her already, ;).


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