Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet the Neighbors

After the storm broke, I headed back to take pictures of the rest of the neighbors. This time I brought secret weapons against Big Daddy. I have watched matador movies and I know what will interest a bull.

Insert secret weapon A:

The red shirt was her idea, but I have heard bulls are attracted to let's just call her "bait"

Secret Weapon B:

Sam, the wanna-be, cattle dog. He is a mix of Shepherd and Welsh Corgi. This is important because those little Corgi legs are not real good for herding cattle or outrunning them. We will call him "bait #2"

We were in luck though, Big Daddy was just being a "Daddy" today. He was lounging around with no interest in getting up. He had a time with those teenagers this morning and at this point he was just calling out from time to time, letting the mommas know when they weren't doing their job right.

This is "Blanca" (creative name, huh?) She is lying down too, not because she is like Big Daddy...notice who is beside her. Yup, it's a toddler. Blanca is laying there because she frankly too exhausted to get up. Her toddler is a very active one! Always running around with no plan, head butting the older ones, kicking its feet up at the babies and always wanting to eat as soon as Blanca collapses into the grass. Blanca needs a break, but she homeschools her baby instead of sending it down the pasture to the elementary class.

This is the Elementary school run by a couple of the head matriarchs. They run everything from Pre-K up to High School. They are a strict duo with no tolerance for any bull (haha) Even the three teenagers cow (haha) down and listen when these two get close. When Sam, the cattle dog channeling Corgi, approached; they quickly got their class in formation and marched them down hill closer to where Big Daddy was still lying and scratching his...well, what guys do when left alone. Before they got too far away from me, I got this sweet little baby face.
This sweet gal is the cupcake bringer (well, if cows make cupcakes) She is the one who will step away from the others and come right to you, calling out a greeting to make you feel welcome. I call her "Bessie" because...well, she is a cow and that's what I have always heard them called. On occasion I have heard them called other things, but I don't think calling her "Sirloin" or "Ribeye" is very nice at all. Bessie appears to be older and wiser than the others and just as friendly as a lap dog. Although she kinda stinks so I don't think you want her around your lap...well, that and the whole weight issue. Bessie has some kind of funky bang action going on and if I ever get close enough, I am totally putting a bow in that.

There are a ton more in the community, but I know enough to identify them as Black Angus. I refuse to get personal with them and give them names, because I was traumatized as a child when I found out that my pet cow "Abby" was sent to slaughter and we had dined on her.


ex tx n tn said...

Love your neighbors steak, ribeye and glue....hahahaha

Cindy said...

I'm REALLY enjoying this little series you're doing!

Bossy Betty said...

Such great pictures! those cow faces!!

Julia Ladewski said...

this is hilarious. those cows are... um... interesting. but i love me a good steak!

Mama M. said...

You should name one lunch and one dinner.

LOVED this! What a cute coupla posts!

Sammy said...

Haha! Great post, I loved your commentary!

Kate said...

LMBO @ "bait". You are so bad!

I love cows....especially between a hamburger bun.


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