Monday, December 14, 2009

The Shirt

I may have discovered the delay in Baby Bigfoot's entry into this world. Well, technically The Man brought it to my attention in a hysterical, very feminine fit.

You see there is this shirt. It's an ugly shirt that I found for $1 as kind of a gag.

Did I mention it was ugly?

Anyways for some reason he has worn this same shirt at the birth of each of the girls. We are not superstitious people, so I don't quite understand the hysterics that ensued today.

It seems that The Man went to look for the shirt (for sentimental reasons since he is just THAT way *rolls eyes*) and noticed that 1.) a button was missing 2.) it was heavily wrinkled from being crammed (where I hid it in case he felt compelled to wear it out in public when I am with him) in the back of the closet.

According to The Man's Law, this shirt must be in good repair and pressed RIGHT NOW before Baby Bigfoot enters the world.

It is kind of sweet (although I will never admit this to him) that he insists on having the same shirt. It is kind of difficult when looking through pictures of him with a fresh out of the oven newborn to know which child he is holding. With pictures of me with one of the girls, it's real easy to tell which child I am holding by my face. Child #1 was a long labor with no epidural except for the last 3 minutes of the birth. (face is drenched in sweat, red from crying, tear streaks and I think there are some flecks of foam on my chin from screaming at the anesthesiologist) Child #2 was an easy labor with a epidural given in a timely manner. I look so much more relaxed and refreshed. (I am actually smiling during the labor)

So it appears that I will be donning the bifocals and repairing this shirt tonight.

Perhaps Baby Bigfoot will realize the significance of the pressed, ready-to-wear shirt and get back to the business of being born.

Is there anything that is particularly sentimental or a habit that you and your family have done to welcome a new child into the family?


Megan M. said...

While we don't really have anything specific, the one thing that's been pretty consistent has been sports. J was shortly after the end of a great IU basketball game. E allowed me to enjoy a full day of NFL. M was trickier, but ESPN and SportsCenter saved the day. (Perhaps THAT'S why she required the C-Section at 9.5 cm's! No good game for me to get fired up over!)
Very sweet of your hubby. Fix the shirt. Birth the babe.

Bethany said...

That's funny. Doug grew a beard for our first, but now that he is bald, I told him no way. I wish, I wish, I could get my old midwife back. Then I'd be in good shape for this babe.

glitterbygrammie said...

I welcome my new grandbabies(7) by giving them their first sponge bath. Most of the time their moms are a little scared to do this so I get to. I enjoy this priveldge. I hope baby bigfoot gets here soon. Well my birthday is Dec.26.I won't mention what year though.

RUBY said...

We don't have anything we had the power over but both our babies were born on a friday so friday has become a lucky day :)
Your husband is too sweet. Hope baby bigfoot makes an apperance soon!

Anonymous said...

We don't have anything like that. It is sweet, though, even if it is UGLY. LOL

I am just really glad Big Foot stayed put for a while. I hope Buzz's birthday was fantastic!

Leah said...

What an unusual and sweet tradition! Your husband must be an alright guy! I like him! :)
Can't wait to hear about your Christmas son was due Dec. 19th, but wasn't born until the 29th.

Kate said...

Oh! Oh! My husband wore a blue tshirt for our son's birth, then he just accidentally wore it again for our daughter's birth. I WENT LOOKING FOR IT, washed it and put it away so he wouldn't wear it before our second daughter's birth. I am very sentimental/superstitious (sp?) like that!
Now it's been carefully put away. Just.In.Case. ;-)
Love your DH. Just sayin'. Hive five that guy for me.

Lindsay said...

We don't have any traditions but I think this is cute : )

Following you from MBC! Love your blog!!

Brianne said...

: (

No! Well maybe? How about not being ready for a close up!! HA!

With my first the contractions were basically non existant but the doc wanted to see me anyway. So I knew I was not going to the hospital and I would be sent home. So I just quickly got dressed and we went. No I didn't wash my hair and blow it out all nice. Remember, I was just going to come home. Yea well Mr Pokey doctor, poked around in there a little too much and made me spring a leak! Yup off to the hospital I went! With my yucko hair!
And with second I was having contractions for weeks, so why would this night be any different. Took off my makeup got undressed and went to bed! Yup my water broke!

Ok that was the longest comment ever!!

Amy said...

Our habit pretty much seems to be having them at Christmastime. 4 days before and 4 days after.

We also like to have them in the double digit weight range.

Interestingly enough, I have pictures of their Dad holding them that are nearly identical. Same hosipital room, same basic position by the window, same polo with a fleece vest. I can only tell the difference because S has a red and white striped hat, and C has a plain white hat. :)


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