Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I have mentioned it before, but did you know about the FREE community that you can join which lets you participate in discussions, see new blog posts, tweets and so much more?


I am talking about it again, because The BlogFrog has been working their tadpole tails off and have grown their communities into full grown hoppin' frogs! With new options allowing for more customization, faster downloads and the ability to make your avatar look thinner (so I have heard!)

There are a ton of communities to choose from and you can join one, all or even make one of your own!

I have had a community with BlogFrog (right over there in my sidebar...join it if you haven't and be my neighbor) for many moons and have been blown away by their customer service! Not saying that I have had a lot of problems, but each time I approach them with an issue; not only is resolved quickly but they actually work with you to make your community better for your members.

So here is what I want from YOU. Join up with the BlogFrog and visit some communities (err...mine!) see what discussions are taking place, join in, start one of your own or even start your own community. This is a great group to work with for social networking!

You can check out the communities at The BlogFrog or join mine at The Crayon Box. I would truly love to see you there and help me make my community one hoppin' place to be.

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