Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hey YOU!

If you look right over there in the sidebar...I'll will notice another community to join called "The Fencepost" It's different than my "Crayon Community" because there is actually people talking in there...ahem *bitter*....seriously though, it's different because it is a united effort among three different bloggers (Me Me Me...I am one of the three!) to create a better, more interactive and friendlier community.

The other two bloggers are Mama M and Kate. You'll remember Mama M from the Five Question Friday thing that I do on....yup, Friday. Kate is the internet bully...I mean great lady who hosts Beth Moore Bible Studies and has perfect hair *jealous*

So, hop on over there and join up *drink the koolaid* and start participating in the forum *drink it quickly* getting to know other bloggers *ignore the dizziness and keep drinking* and maybe even win some cool prizes! *Rinse your cup out now...I am not your maid*


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