Saturday, May 8, 2010

Simple Bouquets

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Today's them is: What do you like best about being a mom or what was your most embarrassing moment.

Since I already confessed that I like to drop kids on their heads or nail them in the forehead with my purse...I'll go with what I like best.

I love that my girls think so much of me that they spend time to pick out every flowering weed in the yard...

Running happily to present me with their bouquet, full of excitement at their treasure

Beaming with pride when I accept their flowers and proclaim them the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that I have ever seen...

The truth is that they are the most beautiful flowers that I have ever seen. They were picked with love, carefully arranged and handed to me as if they were priceless, by my little girls. I love the way that they try so hard to make me happy and to show their love, no matter if the day has been bad and I feel as if I haven't been the best mother I could be.

I love the simple bouquet that says "I love you Mom"


becomewhatyouare said...

awww! they are the best bouquets. so are the kind that are sent from halfway round the world! :)

Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend! Bonk or no bonk, you are a terrific momma!

jackie said...

Aw, very sweet!!

I have 2 awards for you.

Enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Kristin Glasbergen said...

Yes, I also have many dandelion bouquets. Sometimes violets. Sometimes tulips from the neighbors garden.

Mama M. said...

Dandelion bouquets! Yes!!

Or, perhaps...just any old flowering weed will do!!

trooppetrie said...

I have several of these little flowers around my house

Kate said...

I loved when my children used to bring me dandelions!

I live in a very south asian area, and they pronounce them as dan-dell-eee-yons.


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