Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear Brain From Heart

Dear Brain,

I'm pretty sure that you are the one responsible for all the bad choices and mistakes that have been happening lately. You've been 50 miles away and I need you to buckle yourself down and come back. You've grabbed onto a concept, a decision or a feeling and just had to add in your own two cents. You've overcomplicated, rehashed and basically made a mess of things because you can't seem to multitask basic functions with thinking.

Maybe you feel like you have too much on you right now; too much expected, but it's pretty easy to sort out.

  • You do what you do best and let me do what I do. 
  • Quit trying to read in between the lines on matters of the heart.
  • Don't assume that you can over-rule me and decide what is best for me. 
  • When I clue you in to a "gut feeling" go back to listening to me. 
  • Don't apply your logic to it. Go with the feeling.
Remember that one time that you got that great opportunity and you kept telling me that logically it wasn't possible? You were wrong then.
Remember that time that you held the test in your hand and tried to tell me all the reasons you couldn't be pregnant? You were wrong then.
Remember that time that you royally screwed things up and tried to tell me that there was no way he could love you anymore? You were wrong then.
Remember the time that friend jerked you around time and time again? How you reasoned it out and your mind and kept giving more chances because it might have been you in the wrong? You were wrong then.
Remember that time that person went out of their way to do something kind and you said you didn't deserve it? You were wrong then.
Remember that time that you were so afraid to leap into the unknown because it didn't make sense that any good could come of it? You were wrong then.

Don't get me wrong, my friend. You've had your times that you have shined. You have been the one right and I was wrong. But let's get this straight. When it makes no sense, when it seems unreasonable or when it just doesn't figure right; stop, listen and let me do my job.

The Heart

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