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Welcome to The Crayon life.
I am a middle aged mom of 3 girls (5yo, 3yo & 1yo) and far from a desperate housewife. I adore being a housewife and all the yoga pants, scrunchie in the hair and scrubbing a toilet stuff that comes with it. I love being able to serve my family in the role of housewife and mom. (Yes, I just went THERE about serving my family, but I promise its not in some weird cultish-domination way) I recently moved to the country and am living my own personal Green Acres. When I am not changing diapers, trying to eat a hot meal, scrubbing crayon from the walls or stationed in the bathroom waiting for hours for potty training success; I am learning to make homemade butter, bread from scratch and making my own sourdough starter. My husband pats me on the head frequently and praises my success with the coveted words from an awesome movie..”That’ll do Pig…That’ll do”
I have been blogging now for 4 years and love being able to journal my kids, share lessons along the way and hopefully bring you a giggle from time to time. I have been given opportunities through my blogging that I have never dreamed were even possible, but my hands-down-without-a-doubt reason I keep blogging is YOU (Seriously…I mean YOU) I love the relationships that I have gained through blogging, the casual interactions of people who you share your life with, who also share their life with you. When I write a post about some frustrating aspects of motherhood, I love to get a comment that says “Been there, Done that and Burned the TShirt”. When I do a vlog and show you how to do something new, I love to get a “I am going to try that myself” comment. It means I reached you and we connected. That’s just better than cold milk and an Oreo.

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