Friday, August 28, 2009


Alright, so if you have ever been around me at Christmas or birthdays; you know that I stink-a-roo at keeping secrets. (Unless that secret is my dress size) A couple of days ago I asked for vague prayers because I did not want to make a huge deal about something that may/may not happen. After spending all day yesterday and today dealing with some of the stuff, I have decided to let you know the 411 on what you are praying for.

The Man and I have talked about moving out of the city. We hate looking out windows and instead of basking in the glory of the crack of dawn, we are literally seeing "the crack of Dawn". Hearing police cars is more common to my children than hearing a blue jay squawk. We recently stumbled into the opportunity to sell and move. The house has been found and it is our dream home. Acres of barefoot running, creek to play in and as the ad says "Country living at its finest"
Every blade of grass, every tree that you see here would be the view from my kitchen window (Plus about 4 more acres behind that according to the real estate ad) When describing it to the family and friends that I have told that assured me that this is what they knew I always wanted. It is!!!!

Here is where your prayers come in. We get the sign in our yard on Monday and our house needs to sell no later than Oct. 31st. (Check your calendars, that's only 2 months away) We are priced to sell, FAST...but we need a buyer, FAST. Then you throw in that whole "I have an almost 4 year old, 2 year old and will be about 8 months pregnant when moving" and it's a whole other story and series of prayers.

I want this more than I have been wanting a Twinkie at 3am and it *seems* like this is where God is leading us. Boy, that faith thing is a doozy!!! In having faith, I have spent all of today beginning to go through closets and packing up things (while I can still bend over fairly well) and The Man cleaned out the garage in preperation for all the boxes I will need to put there.

Again, this could ALL fall through and I will just have a really clear and clean house, OR I could be sitting in "the dream home" drinking hot chocolate looking at that view covered in white come this winter. (Pretending it ever snows here.)

Please pray that IF this is HIS will, that everything will happen as soon as possible, allowing me to do all that I can before this baby is born or it gets too uncomfortable to be packing/unpacking/moving.

So that is the beans I have to spill.


J said...

this sounds amazing. i will pray for your beautiful view of grass not #ss. have faith and believe that it will happen for you. many prayers coming your way.

Bethany said...

Oh, I hope it works for you. I grew up on 23 acres of glory and loved it. Have fun packing.

Anonymous said...

How very exciting. I'm tempering my envy right now.

Praying for you!

Amanda said...

You know where I stand on this. I love you and am behind you 100%, anytime.

He has a plan and I honestly don't think that He would have opened this door to slam it shut on your foot.

And hot chocolate? um, coffee.


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