Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

So, how does it? Is it like mine, 2 feet in one week? Seriously, I do not use fertilizer (I would NOT make more work for myself) and have even considered spraying some type of killer all over it or having the yard concreted. Nevertheless, that stuff called sunshine and rain is working overtime in my neck of the woods.

Yeah, mowing is typically the man's job, but we agreed that if we (I) got a (dog) poop in the backyard that I would be the one to mow.

The last time I mowed, the lawn mower kept stopping up (it does that with 2 foot tall grass) and The Man fixed it for me. Today, I discovered how he fixed it. Simply took that little flap off the back. Ya know, the flap that keeps grass from shooting out all over your legs? Ummmm.....not the solution I had envisioned.

....and it still stops up.

After finally getting the lawn mowed (took 2 hours having to unstop it every 10 feet and even my elderly neighbor urged me to kick and cuss the stupid thing) I was covered in clippings with no less than 30 bruises on my legs. Bruises you ask? Yes. Not only does it shoot the grass out at 45 mph, but also small twigs and the rocks I didn't pick up.

Then there was the incident involving the $50 water hose (The Man had to have) that was nicely coiled up in the 2 foot grass. Green hose + green grass = incident. The kids are thrilled with their new sprinkler though.

I put the blade down to scalp height but know that I will probably have to mow again in 3 days. *Sigh* I am going to have to look into that concrete option.

Random picture I want to share with you...do I have these kids trained or what?


Meghan said...

Love it! Fifty dollar sprinkler! HA!

Maybe the dog can dig them a "pool"?

MannMom3 said...

Oh my gosh!! Pregnant and mowing...You're one awesome chick!!

Jes said...

I'd have to agree with MannMom 3... Pregnant and Mowing.... One Great Lady...

Loved the picture... I wished I had help today cleaning

Amanda said...

since you asked, my garden doesn't grow at all. Something about the 'valley' hogging all the rain...I got plenty of sunshine, I just need some rain...


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