Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eye of the Beholder - House Buying Style

The following is a pictorial of how buying a house is truly all in the eye of the beholder. All images used were found through Google images...

You decide to make the huge step of buying a house. You decide on an average house (this is Google's interpretation of what "average" is, so we will just go with that.)

You notice the asking price on this supposed to be average house...

 The house looks somewhat different now

Then the appraiser comes and looks at the house

 Well at least you can afford this

Then you go to the bank to get prequalified, considering the housing market you can afford this

Probably not going to fit a family of 5

You renegotiate with the sellers and finally get the price for the average home, but you send the inspector in, he tells you the house is...

...going to need a lot of work

By the time you get your estimate you will pay enough in repairs to have...


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