Saturday, March 13, 2010

Old Rockers

When I found out I was pregnant with Buzz, I started imagining life with a newborn. Cute little clothes, new baby snuggles and rocking a sleepy infant. I went out and purchased a glider rocker specifically for rocking the upcoming infant. It wasn't anything fancy by a long shot. Just a plain little thing from WalMart and it was on sale.

It did the job though, it has rocked all three Scribblers through many long nights. I tried to wash the "machine washable" cushions once, they fell apart. I worked late into the night sewing new cushions for it. The Scribblers grew older and began to fight for the coveted seat. Their treasures kept in the arm pockets. I rocked newborns, fussy babies cutting teeth, toddlers wanting me to read the story "one more time and children feeling sick needing Momma.

Two months ago, I found a screw on the floor beside it. I searched for the missing screw hole and replaced it. A couple of days later, there was another screw from another spot. Week by week, the chair started shedding it's screws. Then little pieces of wood started chipping off. I finally had to make the decision to just have it hauled off. It was like a knife in the heart to make that choice. So many memories were woven into the fabric of that chair. I told The Head Crayon to just do it. I thought he would solemnly and respectfully remove the chair. That's just not the way men do it apparently. He came in with his sledgehammer. I covered my eyes, the kids quivered in fear and the dog hid under the couch.

In no time at all, the chair lay in splintered pieces and was taken out of the house. I will eventually get another chair as the kids still have times they need to be rocked, but nothing will take the place of that old glider and the memories we made in it.

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