Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365 Day 3

Another day blogging on this itty bitty phone with its itty bitty keyboard. Hopefully its the last day of this and our home internet will be working tomorrow. Murphy and his stupid law always seems to find me though.

Which ties in seamlessly with the Project 365 Day 3 picture. While my husband was in town trying to get the workhorse van started since the battery/starter/something mehanical is broke, i decided to run to the store before our "winter event" starts. Luckily he had jumper cables in his hand when I found out our jeep battery was dead too. The bummer was he was 30 miles away with those jumper cables.

See...told you Murphy has it out for me. Perhaps i tripped him once in playschool or spit a spitwad at his head. Nevertheless he searches me out.

So Day 3 finds me with a bummer of a day.
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