Friday, September 11, 2009

Blah Blah Blogging

What a week it has been. Seriously. (Note: I am sorry that I missed 5 on Friday, but I am too mentally fried to tackle that one.)

Distraction moment: Buzz is watching Tarzan (the Phil Collins one) and is anyone else moved beyond tears at the scene where the momma gorilla adopts and plays with her "Tarzan"? That whole sequence just gets me to bawling! Set to the song "You'll be in my heart" and it turns into a big ole' ugly cry.

Having my HouseGuest (HG) has taught me a new trick. I can now absorb 50 negative comments in 45 seconds and not get an eye tic. I think I learned this in the fashion that people who have a fear of airplanes are told to get on and ride them over and over until the fear is gone. Total Immersion Therapy ( I am guessing it is not called that because of the acronym. :P) I am trying my best to make lemonade out of lemons, but it takes SUGAR too. HG has really thrown not only a wrench into my schedule, but I think she chunked the whole toolbox as well (I do believe the loose screws are from my own head.) HG is a night owl...I have children. In fact, I even had a sick child (tummy bug) last night that kept me up all night. It wouldn't be such a big deal if I had gotten some sleep the previous two nights. For some reason, I find it very difficult to sleep while HGTV is being blasted in the next room. Go figure. The honeymoon is over (Actually much like my own marriage, there never was a honeymoon) and we have moved into an adjustment and bite your tongue stage. Continue to pray for my husband, children and myself as we learn to adjust and understand what will be in everyone's best interest.

In home news, we have not had any showings this week. Bummer (although it's been nice with the whole HG situation) We have looked at a few houses that turned out to be false advertising and clever photography. We are still having faith that we will find the perfect house when this one sells (If not....sister, I might need your tents)

For those who follow my tweets, I finally got my homemade brownies. (see last twitpic) It started with a brownie that my husband brought me from Logan's Roadhouse. ( - just kidding, MOM!) and started a full-on strategical recipe search as I gleaned Food Networks archives, interviewed friends on their favorite brownie, hit up 3 grocery store delis and one gourment deli (that one gave me the trots) tried out Betty Crocker, Duncan Heins, Hershey's and Girdehilli (yeah, that one is misspelled, deal with it) brownie mixes. Yes, I have been eating brownies (lots of brownies - blush) for many days now. (That ought to take care of that baby weight that I hadn't gained yet.) Anyways, I recommend Publix brownies for brownies that you need to eat while standing in the grocery store reading brownie mix boxes. Hershey's brownies are the best "mix brownies" if you add in some extra syrup, toffee bits and chunks of fudge (smear it with some marshmellow cream if you are'll thank me for that advice)

Well, that's it for now. I am going on to bed before my pillows put out an APB on my disapperance.


Jes said...

Gosh.. I'm wanting to cook some brownies now.. Yummy!

Carla S said...

I so miss Publix brownies! They are so moist and the chocolate frosting... I guess I should be thankful that I am miles and miles away from Publix. Well at my thighs should be thankful!

The Steffen Family said...

I am sorry HG is not being a respectful house guest. *hugs* Regarding brownies... *drool* I baked some yesterday... with peanutbutter chunks in it... and needless to say I have only a small row left. *blush*

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...
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Mama M. said...

Hang in there, girl...think of HG as baby steps to heaven! ;)
Oh, and ps--you are fogiven for missing Five Question was a good one though, got a little teary eyed, so, perhaps, for a girl full of horomones, such as yourself, it was probably a good one to miss!


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