Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Great Tractor, er, Minivan Pull of '09

I mentioned in my post yesterday about needing a car wash because of "The Great Tractor Pull" that I was involved in a few days ago. (For the visuals to this post, please visit my Twitter located on the left hand side and look for the TwitPics)

Anyways, we have had a lot of rain the past two weeks. Not the send a dove out with an olive branch type of rain, but certainly close. The Man and I clean up construction and rental houses as a side gig. So on the last day of rain, we are finishing up one of the new construction houses. Ever seen a new construction house? What's outside usually? Lot of dirt. When it rains for 2 weeks solid, what usually happens? Flooding. When flooding meets lots of dirt...umm, yeah.

The Man thought it wise to pull the work vehicle up to the door to minimize being in the downpour. Did I mention that you had to pull through the yard to get to the door?

The flooded, muddy yard?

Did I mention that I thought it was a bad idea? I know I told The Man it was.

A minimum of 20 times I mentioned the foolish notion.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I am off to Auto Zone to get a tow rope to pull his large vehicle out of a lot of mud with my little minivan.

Yes, I laughed all the way to and from Auto Zone.

I also pointed and laughed (more of a guffaw actually) at The Man right in his face. His very mud covered, frustrated face. Mud covered face because he thought he could push the van if he placed roofing shingles (that just happened to be laying there) in front of the tires and stand directly in the back center heaving on the count of three (ever notice how doing something on the count of three never really works? someone always is confused if they were supposed to act on three or right after three)

It took quite a bit of tugging on the rope, maneuvering, hand gestures (not always nice ones either) and mud flinging to finally pull the beast from its muddy lair. This is one of those times that it paid to be pregnant. I stayed mud-free and dry as I could not be expected to help in my delicate condition. I still laughed a lot and took my chances that he could easily pick me up and dump me in the mud pile.

He almost did when I told him not to complain about being covered in mud, because lots of people pay lots of money for mud pack treatments.

So that my friends, is the rest of the story from yesterday. Now you know the events that led to the deep cleaning of the inside of my van.

You'll rest better knowing it, I am sure.

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Amanda said...

I wondered how the vehicle got stuck in the mud. I should have know it was The Man's fault. Your far to smart to do anything THAT stupid, haha!


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