Thursday, September 17, 2009

Off centered and fuzzy

In the movie "Multiplicity" Michael Keaton is cloning himself and one of the clones (a clone of a clone) does not come out just right. The quote is...

You know how when you make a copy of a copy, it's not as sharp as... well... the original.
Anyways, the past few weeks; I have been that clone. I am not quite as sharp, not quite as funny, not quite as patient, not quite as optimistic; just plain off-centered and kinda fuzzy.

I have given myself quite a few lectures in the bathtub, in the car and in the closet trying to pick out a shirt. "What is wrong with you...get it together!" Never being one for an authoritative pep-talk, I haven't paid much attention to that little voice in my head (also the voice responsible for telling me that eating only one brownie was the sensible thing to do)

I ask that you (family, friends and the random reader) please hang tight as I try to unfuzz myself.

In other subjects...
  • The kids have been good
  • Belly is 95% potty trained
  • The house has been showing, but no takers
  • The Man is tired and working way too many hours
  • Pregnancy is going well, swelling has been minimal
  • HG is doing well and we have a workable routine


The Steffen Family said...

*hugs* I have been feeling VERY similar to you the past few weeks also... but have been attributing it to these silly hormones. *hugs*

Mama M. said...

Pregnancy makes the brain fuzzy. Even when you're fuzzy, you are still fun! Hang in there...soon, you will be centered and sharp!

Leah said...

Copasetic :)


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