Thursday, September 3, 2009

Award, hacksaws and clean spots

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Thank you to My Little Life AND MannLand for the nominations. Yes dude...I got the award from two different people. Irockthis!

My nominations are...(envelope please)
Outnumbered by Testosterone
Become What You Are
A Silly Little Sparrow
(Following in my predecessors footsteps, I am not going to make it to 9. Does not mean I don't find your blog "Splash worthy" but I can't seem to find my links right now.)

Thanks again ladies.

You know those creepy movies about haunted houses in which the walls move and doors disappear? Yeah, I have one of those houses. I decided to return my oh-so-expensive-ate-a-hot-pepper-to-get blinds (since we might move) and just get some from Walmart. I measured the windows (for serious) three, maybe four times. I actually used a tape measure instead of measuring with the length of my arm like I do for the kids clothes. I know my measurements were right. KNOW IT! I wrote the numbers down and picked up the blinds. By the time I made it home, the windows had shrunk about 1/4 of an inch. Seriously, they did. My measurements were correct. What's a girl to do?


Look a little bit above the toolbox containing hacksaw and see reciprocating saw.

Look above that and see gas powered chainsaw.

Have some common sense and use the reciprocating saw.

Realize it needs a blade.

Now it needs a battery.

Now I need a clamp for the blinds to hold them still.

.02 seconds into it, battery dies.

Go for the hacksaw.

Realize my elbows are not meant for this.

Leave all tools, pieces, blinds and curse words in the garage for The Man to deal with tomorrow.

And THAT is exactly what a girl should do. Or use the chainsaw after all. I wouldn't steer you wrong here.

So I now am sitting here in front of the computer and in front of blindless windows (because putting it off until tomorrow is something a man should do) feeling very self aware, trying to remember to not scratch my butt for fear a neighbor will see...and you know how rumors start. It's been a long week, mainly due to the wonderful cleaner I bought to remove some smudges on the wall thank you children, and it became one of those "Holy-cow-I-just-made-a-clean-spot" moments. I tried to smudge the spot back up, because I didn't want to have to deal with cleaning all the walls to match the clean spot, but I don't have the needed ickiness on my hands that children are born with. Now I am doomed to go room to room making sparkly clean walls. At this rate, I will be to worn out to nest.

BTW, I am aware that my typing format is all jacked up, I am dealing with it; hope you are too.



Anonymous said...

I hate clean spots!

Thanks for the award! <3

Amanda said...

Love you!

The Steffen Family said...

OKay... silly quetsion, is "Rachel's" me? or a different Rachel? <3

Crayon Wrangler said...

Rachel - It is you. I couldn't remember your blog name (link issue) except that it was Rachel's somethingorother. <3


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