Monday, February 1, 2010

Uhh No, That was NOT ME!

Greatgooglygooster, I made it to Monday. I really never believed I would, not if you had asked me on Thursday when we had The Great Snow Event.
But, here I am...more or less intact (I am speaking about my body only, the brain can not be accounted for and I personally like it better this way)

Well, anyways on to the show...
Mondays are "Not Me Monday" over at MckMama's blog. It's a place to showcase our moments over the past week that we surely did NOT do. (note the's part of the game) on the button and play along!

I love my family more than anything. The three kids, the two elderly inlaws, the dog, the husband and I in my house make home "home" Therefore it was NOT me who after 48 hours of sharing the fume-ages of all these people during our Great Snow Event, poured a gallon of milk down the sink, uttering a milk emergency and braving the icy roads to make a milk run only to get my milk in the form of a dollop of cream on my Starbuck latte'

My husband and I are responsible adults. We pay car insurance. It was NOT us that was observed and reprimanded by the local law enforcement for doing donuts in an iced over empty parking lot. Two close to 40 year olds would never participate in such behavior. They also would never guiltily drive away only to search for another parking lot that was not being monitored....

It was NOT me screaming at my children to buck it up and embrace the frigid temps. (I don't care if you can't feel your fingers we are building a snowman! Quit your whining and grab a carrot with your mouth if you can't feel all ten digits) My southern children who are not accustomed to anything colder that 45 degrees did NOT observe their mother playing in the snow like a frisky puppy while snot froze to their faces as they were trying to get the door open (Doors are hard to open with frozen fingers)


Mama M. said... crack me up! For real? You got caught?

Man, I woulda loved to have been there for that!

Bellismom said...

LOL! Donuts freak me out. I just know my car will tip over if I try it.

Kelly said...

ugh this cold is the worst..and i have lived in it my whole life, but this year seems the worst ever...boy i sound like my grandma!!


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