Saturday, August 14, 2010


I saw this giveaway today and was asked the questions:
  • What if you gave yourself permission to really consider that dream?
  • What if it wasn't a pipe dream, but a dream you could begin taking action on?
  • What if you had the right kind of support to make this happen?
It was all based on a wonderful post by Nirvana_Mamma about choosing a career with no worries.So let me tell you about my dream!
(insert dream sequence music here)
I have two passions, two loves and if I could combine them into my ultimate dream job...Oh, how happy I would be.

I love taking photographs of things people pass everyday and just may not notice...

Almost a "stop and smell the roses" mission in photography...

I also love to take pictures of things, pets and people that are loved...

In addition to that I love to write about the things that I see. To not only present you with a visual, but a story behind it and sometimes an analogy.

My dream would be to make a career of the two. To travel to places passed by and capture them.


Geek.Girl.Wife said...

Oh what a great dream, to be a traveling photographer -- I love photography, too! My dream would be, as far as photography goes to take exciting, journalistic type of pictures.

K Pugliano said...

You will be awesome at this! I read a dream, but I see a vision that it will become a reality for you...already on your way! :)

Funsucker Extraordinaire said...

I am so jealous of your dream. It sounds like such great life. So fun and interesting and yet it's still attainable. I'm afraid as heck to put my dream into action. You are a brave girl!

Nick said...

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