Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Humor In Blogs

I have two quotes that I live by.

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin

"If you can't laugh at it, you can't live with it" - personal quote

I read from my BlogFrog buddy Holly that she was sitting in the BlogHer10 (still bitter about not going) conference watching the "Humor Panel". I sent her a message mumbling about the fact that I miss all the good stuff. She sent one back saying I should be on it next year. That got the old, rusty cogwheels turning; I should be on it next year. (Told you I had a sense of humor) I will be on it next year. (Power of positive thinking towards getting on the panel next year) I can do humor. Frugal living, coupon clipping, finding the best way to whiten my fingernails or current events are not my strongest points. Laughing, however; is something I do every day.

Humor is something that I try to introduce daily on my blog, but sometimes there are things that are no laughing matter. In order to be successful as a humor blog, you have to know the limits and your own personal style. So I am going to talk about the different styles of humor and the rules of humor on a blog.


  • Knock Knock Humor - You love sharing jokes, videos or pictures. This is the best kind of humor for a blog that everyone appreciates. There is no misreading or misinterpreting intentions.
  • Hit and Run Humor - You deliver most of your punches in one line. This kind of humor is great for interjecting throughout your blog, but works best for Twitter and FB (notice I don't mention MySpace because if you are there, it's not funny)
  • Out Of Breath Humor - These are the long winded stories or jokes that take a long time to set up. This can work for a blog if your writing skills can keep propelling your reader from the beginning to the end. This one is a little more tricky and I would suggest you never hit publish right away on these posts. Save it for a day or two, reread and make sure it makes sense and no part of it can be misread.

  • Everything is fair game in the humor field as long as it is presented as entertainment and not a rant.
  • Never make fun of a person (especially true about family members!) You can make fun of their actions, but stay away from what might be misread as a personal attack.
  • Understand and accept the fact that everything you write may not be funny.
  • Stop TRYING to be funny, you either are or you are not.
  • Always have fresh stuff. It's not often a person will truly laugh at the same thing twice. (That second laugh was just being polite)
  • Shock value or crudeness does not equal funny.
Now that you know my personal opinions on styles and rules, what do you think makes a truly successful humor blog?

I am also looking for sponsors to the next BlogHer11 conference and Bloggy Boot Camp conferences so help me out!!


Serenity said...

This was such an informative and great post! Thank you so much for sharing this information!

Serenity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne said...

I totally agree with your Styles and Rules. Very well put. I am new to your blog and I plan on visiting it often. Thanks for the link on Twitter. I'm also following you on BlogFrog

Alana, Author of Domestically Challenged said...

Love the power of positive thinking! I will be a BH11 (more postitive thinking) and would LOVE to see you there presenting too! ;)

Very good rules too, btw.

Lisa said...

Hi, thanks for the styles and rules. I try (without trying too hard I hope) to insert some humour into my post but it is probably the out of breath style where the last line or paragraph has the humour about the situlation. I am still improving my writing and a few of them could have waited a few days to work on the punch line. Thanks,Lisa


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