Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If You Teach A Mom A Lesson - Guest Blogger

Today's "If You Teach A Mom A Lesson" is being hosted by the fabulous Mama M at My Little Life. She is my very first blog mentor and a total rockstar...ahem...seriously. She actually sang on her blog once (go check it out!) She is the mother of 5 and since that wasn't enough kiddos; she also is a L&D nurse.

Today's topic is "Traveling with kids and/or family" Let's see those lessons girls....

On with her post...

When my buddy, C-Dub called out for help with blog postings 'cuz she was gonna be busy moving, I thought..."why I never! Too busy for blogging?! Whoever heard of such a thing?!"...and then I said yes.

I would love to help her out!

I LOVE her Lessons Learned posts and I thought I'd give it a go...I'm considering this a "practice round" for her weekly meme blog carnival (the word "meme" makes my skin crawl, for some reason...so I avoid it at all costs...) that she's gonna start up! (Crayon Wrangler side note: this was actually started last week, so go check out that post!)

Recently, my family took a trip to the big city for my son's baseball tournament. These are the lessons I learned on that trip:

1. If you don't check the map prior to departure you will, most certainly, discover that you've taken the wrong route.
2. You had a 50/50 shot at the right route, with those odds, and the outcome you achieved, do NOT buy a lottery ticket any time soon. Luck is NOT on your side.
3. 5 kids and two adults stuck in traffic make for loud, and sweaty, travel companions.
4. Construction in MinneSOOOta really is 9 months out of the year...do not be surprised to find stand still traffic where you never expected.
5. Construction dudes are fun, and if you take a twitpic of them, they might just wave.
6. When you arrive at the next travel route where you must make a 50/50 decision as to which way you should take, see #2.
7. Choosing the wrong "50" two times in a row, will allow you to see parts of the big city you've never seen before.
8. And parts that you've seen numerous times.
9. Your baby will undoubtedly declare, "I GOTTA GO POTTY!!!", while you are driving 80 mph in heavy traffic, without an exit in sight.
10. When you do come to an exit, you decide to chance the wet pants/carseat, lest you leave your route and be forced into a 50/50 decision again.
11. You've learned that 50/50 decisions are BS.
12. You'll decide that for your next birthday, you will be asking for a Garmin NuviGPS, instead of those adorable, cute shoes you wanted.
13. Garmin Nuvi's sound like heaven in a small little box attached to your dash.

Well...how was it? Not C-Dub quality...but DANG! That was fun!!

Looking forward to the start of her carnival! Hope the move is going well, C-Dub!

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Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Getting lost is so much fun! Unless you are late getting somewhere, and then not so much.

Mama M. said...

Linky issues, again! Dang!!

TIFFANY said...

Darn linky! I do have my post up though. www.howaretheharmons.blogspot.com

United Payment Services said...

I like the lessons that were givin for moms


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