Monday, June 7, 2010

In The Tiniest Details

Until the interior of the house is photograph ready, I wanted to show you a few things about "Crayon Ranch" (thanks Kate for the name) that I love. It's in the tiniest details.

The perfect symmetry of the stripes of purple

Children who never want to come inside because of cloud and butterfly watching

The Great Harvest of least in their minds.

Fields of wild daisies

Sunlight reflected

New life waiting

Fencepost worn with stories of people come and gone

Unobstructed views from windows

New beauty against old beauty


lovingmylife said...

How beautiful! It looks like it was worth all the trouble. :)

Mama M. said... incredibly peaceful.

Reminds me of why I want to get this house in I can enjoy those things this summer with my own kiddos!!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Your kids are going to love growing up there. I'm so jealous of your space!

Andrea said...

*turning green with envy* Can't wait till we can get out of town!

Ruby said...

Crayon Ranch is by far the cutest name i ever heard!!! loving it! The pictures are beautiful.

Brianne said...

It looks beautiful there. I am completely jealous! Enjoy!


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