Monday, October 19, 2009

House Hunters meets Home Makeover (Not Extreme)

There is a house that I had been peepin' at for about a month. Wanting, desiring, coveting (OK so that one is a sin, but truth is truth) and having intense longing for this house. It was in a perfect price range, perfect square footage with 24 of the prettiest acres you have ever seen. Saturday, The Man, the kids and I loaded up the Blazing Chariot (aka minivan) and went off to see it in person. It was there, at the foot of the driveway, that I got that same feeling that I do when it is time to balance the checkbook. Total and utter dread. See, this wasn't any typical driveway, but more of a washed out trail at an angle that would give a mountain goat a nosebleed. The Man suggested I gun it and don't stop for anything. I stomped that gas pedal, fishtailed, cursed and suggested knocking 30k off the price of the house before I passed that bleeding mountain goat and made it to the top.

Oh, the top! The glorious summit at the top.

Even The Man made comments about the trees looking like "patchwork" (my big burly man talking about patchwork, I giggled)and then he broke into a round of "America, The Beautiful)I have heard high altitudes can cause delirium...I now have proof.

There was my perfect little Lincoln Log home, nestled among the patchwork trees and flanked by a big red barn complete with grazing cattle. It was then that a bright beam of light broke through the clouds and shined on the homestead like the star of Bethlehem. (Probably the altitude huh?)

After ohhhing and ahhhing a little more we then began our descent back down the path. 1/4th of the way down I went into a fishtail through the mud and lost all control of the blazing chariot causing myself and The Man to scream out....

*content removed because of language*

...the way home was silent as we each were lost in our thoughts of the homestead. Once home we began to map out a plan for selling our home faster at a lower price with more appeal.

Enter Home Makeover without the talent and personality of Ty Pennington.

First thing, replace the linoleum in the kitchen and both bathrooms. Second, paint the walls and brighten it up (remove all artwork from children) Third, replace the carpet.

So we began.

As we stand right now (not that we could stand with the condition of both of our backs) the kitchen and one bathroom floor is complete. The painting of trim, woodwork and doors is in works and we have worked through half a bottle of Tylenol.

How do all these pregnant women do that whole nesting thing? There has been more times than I care to admit that I felt that I was stuck in the floor and couldn't get up. The smell of paint is causing killer do they do it?

It has also been decided that Noah had no small children in the house. We can barely lay floor and paint without little hands getting in the way, much less build something like an ark.

But Momma wants a new house* and so we persevere.

*Disclaimer: To those who know us and how frugal, cheap, whatever we are. This house will actually lower our monthly payments, yet provide more room. We are not buying a house because we feel like another baby warrants a bigger house. We are buying to improve the quality of our lifestyle and hopefully never have to look over the back fence and see another neighbor's butt crack.

So that is what is going on around here as we wait out the next 2 months before the baby is born. It should be fun, nerve wracking and intense. Keep us in your prayers that God's will be done (and I get my Lincoln Log house) and that we are able to complete the task before us in His glory and that the next family in this house benefit from our labor and be as blessed as we have been.



Mama M. said...

Oh, I pray and hope and yearn for you to get that house! We live in the country, and it is AWESOME! The only buttcracks we see around here (besides our own) is the buttcrack of dawn! can rest assured that with 3 weeks to your due date you will get a buyer who wants you out ASAP and that will put you into labor and get you out of any and all moving responsibility.

Anonymous said...

It sounds wonderful, though I hope you'll do something with that drive!


Amanda said...

Ty Pennington is overrated.

And obnoxious.


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