Monday, October 12, 2009

Still alive....

Whoever said that "Life is like a diaper, constantly needing to be changed" needs a medal for pure genius. I know I said I would blog more, but you know what happens every time you try to make a plan...

Failure. Pure utter Failure (with a capital "F" thankyouverymuch)

Anyways, something that has changed around here is the HG situation. I know it was not the itching powder that caused HG to change her mind about living with us (mainly cause the powder had not been delivered yet) so it must have been feeling the Spirit (or fiber) move inside. Anyways, through no fault on anyone's side; my home now contains one spouse (although I have considered 3-4 to help with all the chores) 2 children, 1 dog and a pregnant lady. That's enough for now.

We are still trying to sell our home and find our country dream home. Something that screams bonfires, chickens and a porch dog. After this week, we will be lowering our price and hoping that someone else feels The Spirit move. We will be anxiously awaiting the news on the extension of the stimulus and seeing if they change it to encompass all homebuyers (thus creating a larger buyer base)...or something like that. Sorry, tried to sound all financially smart there for a minute. My bad.

I have had a ton of stuff to blog about, but as I said in the opening statement...


If you followed/follow my Twitter you know that we had a huge bubble bath explosion thanks to the kids. What you didn't know about that story was that it was not my house and I let them do it, because all kids should do it once. (Did you hear that, my darlings, that was your one time of doing it so I hope you had lots of fun) We had a shopvac handy, so clean up was a breeze and they had a ball. Made for a funny TwitPic as well.

I Twittered about many other things such as...

Mailing the kids to Timbuktu (totally not true. I would never do that. Shipping prices are too high, we are considering Peru)

I channeled the Muppet's Swedish Chef for dinner and had a whole lot of lettuce to clean up. (Totally worth it to see the kids faces as I yelled out "Bork Bork Bork" and threw lettuce in the air. The Man on the other hand began to search for a little white jacket for me with those nifty behind your back sleeves)

Doctor appts. and waiting rooms (why are the only magazine selections typically Car &Driver and National Geographic.)

Some things that I have not Twittered about but am praying for (I am going to include some vague prayer things about real people, real situations and fake names)

Princess Consulela BananaHat - she's been sick for a while and I know she would appreciate some healing. Praying she feels better real soon and collects all of her missing VDPs and NinjaTurtles.

Red Headed Cabinet Cleaner - Been having some back trouble complicated by pregnancy. Prayers that her pain eases and that some other things in her life will ease as well and she gets peace in her heart.

Texas Yarn Freak - Has had some major changes to look at/deal with/whatever. Prayers for everyone involved (especially hard headed people) that there is peace, some faith following, health and happiness.

That is all the major topics right now. Toodles

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Amanda said...

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock tried to call you this afternoon. It was bound to make you pee yourself. I'm just sayin'.

Call me tomorrow. I have to take the CRV in for an oil change. You know thats a standard 3hr job.


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