Sunday, October 25, 2009

Way To Go, Mom of the Year

This tiny bundle (with the fattest cheeks I have ever seen) turned two yesterday.

I was going to have a fun little party for her. I was going to shower her with gifts. I was going to have an awesome blog post with a poem or song. I was going to post tons of pictures.

Mom of the Year right here folks.

I got a cake at the last minute. I put some money back to take her shopping later. I didn't charge my camera batteries.

Yup, Mom of the Year.

Mysteriously enough, she was perfectly content with her cake, some bubble wrap and an empty coke carton.

I don't think that is going to fly when she is 16, so I better start getting my act together on this motherly planning stuff.

My mother did take her shopping on Friday though.

By the way, Mom, after 72 hours of the listening to the magic Princess wands that you purchased for both girls...
  • the dog is trembling and begging to sleep in the bitter cold outside
  • my ears have a constant ringing in them and my eye won't stop twitching
  • The Man is considering a rental property until the batteries run out
  • the girls are still deliriously in love with them
That's all for now. I have plenty of material for a rockin' "Not Me, Monday" post.


Bethany said...

Hope you little one's birthday was fun. Two is one of the best in my opinion. :)

And I will pray those batteries wear out quickly. We had a magic mirror once. Once is enough

AprilC - GaFlyGirl said...

don't feel bad. I have 6 kids, and birthday time is always chaotic. things don't always go as planned.


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