Sunday, November 29, 2009

Until Further Notice

DUDES! I felt so cared for today. Thank you for totally stroking my ego. I saw all the "Missing Wrangler" reports and felt both guilty for not checking in and totally humbled by the amount of concern.

Truth is that The Man took this whole week off and he is Mr. Spontaneous sometimes. Just about every morning before I can get the eye snot pried from my lashes; he is dragging us out the door to do something or the other. Yesterday and today were Land Looky Days for the new homestead. We have learned get about 30 miles east of where we live and (according to my very wisest and bestest pal) you must channel your inner mountain goat to survey it. This is not the best thing to do when you are this close (hold up pointer finger and thumb to a width of .5 inches) to having a child.

Putting a pregnant lady in a 4 wheeler up steep inclines makes as much sense as putting a toddler in front of a chocolate cake and a white couch.

You just don't do it. Not if you have sense.

I have never been accused of having much sense. my original point...that's what I was doing today. I was only able to check my Twitter through my phone when we stopped at the gas station. Which by the way, I had to beg for 45 minutes before The Man finally took me to one. This station was so country, I had to move over the bucket of minnows (fishing bait) to get into the bathroom.


If I do not blog, twitter, text, facebook, email, send a letter or a messenger pidgeon; this does not mean I am birthing Baby Bigfoot. (I am probably standing on the edge of some ravine scouting the land or 4 wheeling on the side of a mountain)
There have been people put into place that will be posting both on my blog and Twitter, should I go into labor. So no update = no baby.
Besides, we still have a ways to go before 40 weeks. Patience.

Thanks again for the love and whoever sent that St. Bernard with the hot chocolate in his barrel is my new best friend.


Mama M. said...

You'll always have my love and concern!! And, PS...holy followers batgirl!! Way to go!!

Working Mommy said...

Good luck on the land search - be sure to let us all know how it goes when you find something!! The man and I are on the search as well and I must say that you are a trooper for doing it while're my hero!!

~Working Mommy
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jmberrygirl said...

Good luck! I remember the house hunt and I don't envy you that at all!


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