Friday, January 8, 2010


You know what is fun about having a newborn? The sleep deprivation makes all your days just blur by...or is is that is makes your days blurry? Gak...who knows!

Anyways it is time for Five Question Friday with Mama M. Yeah...I know. I can't believe it is Friday again already either! I have been eagerly anticipating 5QF because I am so tapped out on original, creative blog posts. (hence all the picture posts lately) I love this because she came up with this super original idea of little questions to get to know you better. She posts the questions that her readers come up with and alls I gots to do is plug in my little answers. How easy and fun is that? Super...then why don't you join along by hitting the links and coming out to play?

Questions for Friday, 1/8/10: (Thanks to Megan, Tara, Kate, and Thorney London)for their question suggestions!! Wanna be linked in a future 5QF? It's easy peasy lemon squeezy!! Just leave your question suggestions here!)

What's your "comfort food"?

My comfort foods used to be things like country fried steaks, mashed potatoes, etc. but then I became a mom and learned that I will never again get to eat these things hot (or even lukewarm) on my plate again. Unless you have the taste for the texture of wall paper paste, things like mashed potatoes must be served warm to qualify for "comfort food"
These days my comfort food involves a handful of Cheetos or Gummy Bears that I snatch and sneak off to "arrange the coats in the closet" (HIDE FROM KIDS) and munch my room temperature snack while consoling myself that there will indeed by a bedtime at some point.

Do you send Thank You's (handwritten or email)?

How funny you should ask since I have a ton of "Thank You" cards just waiting to be sent out (along with Birth Announcements, Christmas cards and a birthday card for my BIL who celebrated back in early 2009 - sorry about that, Dude) I do handwritten cards and make the kids sign it to the best of their ability (a scribble, juice stain or even a tear drop from being forced to practice penmanship) Now getting things to the mailbox that is about 150 feet from my door...that's another story entirely.
*Edited to add: I need, want, desire and even fantasize about getting followers in the 3 digits. That would be so cool and I only need 5 more. 5 MORE! If you like what you read and promise to come back, sign up to be a follower and I will totally write you a handwritten thank you card. TOADILY. Now sending it to you, that's a little more tricky and probably not going to happen.

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?

Dora the Explorer. True that my first reason may be so that I can pummel her little face when she starts up with that "Swiper No Swiping" thing, but the truth is I want to be in the TV show so my kids will actually listen to me and do what I ask. have the kid control power of the Dora gods.

What is your favorite online recipe site?

5. If you had to choose: "Friends" or "Seinfeld"?

Seinfeld. Total genius from the Kenny Roger's neon sign, Soup Nazi, The Contest, Elaine's dancing...I can't get enough of the pure "Nothingness"

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MannMom3 said...

Love your Dora answer!! :-)

Gummi bears sound so incredibly good right now!

Tyler said...

I am with keely.. gummi bears do sound delish! I am a snacker more than I am a meal person so the not so hot food doesnt bother me all that much.. but the snacking does seem to be bothering my waste line a bit ;)

Pennie said...

Isn't the mailing the whole trick - especially when you have little ones? Mine are teens - but I stay at home, and getting out to the mailbox is just a trick sometimes!

Hang in there and may you snag some bonus gummy bears today!

Donora said...

i ♥ your blog. You CRACK me up!

Noelle said...


this was fun...thanks for sharing!

Brianne said...

Hahaha! Great answers- too funny! My kids are now obsessed with Dora but the fact that Chase will sit down and watch the whole entire show, makes me kinda wanna thank her for existing!

Love your online recipe site!! Ha!!

Oh and my issued with all things related to cards is getting stamps for them! Yea- hate the post office!

Laura said...

You are hilarious! I was just telling someone that I haven't had a hot meal in 3+ years. It's pointless once you have kids. it! Also I am going to follow you so I expect that card of mine singed, cried on and crumpled up on your floor any day now. :)

The Unkept Cook said...

Seriously the funniest thing I've read all day--maybe all week. THANK YOU and I sincerely hope you find time to eat a warm meal in the next few months.
Maybe there needs to be a campaign "Feed the Mommies" to raise awareness for this important issue! It's an endemic apparently . .

Cop Mama said...


He he, couldn't resist! I can't believe no one said that yet!

Hang in there, new mama! Get some sleep :-)

Alison said...

I loudly proclaim "No soup for you!" to my kids all the time. One day it occurred to me that they had no idea why I would randomly say that, lol! So I looked it up on youtube and we all had a laugh, and of course, since it was newly fresh on the mind, I started saying it twice as much- at least then my older ones could chuckle with me at the reference. My youngers still don't know what to think... hehe...

Kate said...!! LOL I adore you.

Helga said...

Your so had me cracking up!!! I never get to eat hot meals either. I miss that!!!

Helga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mama M. said...

You my friend, are the best! I read this earlier on my stopping by to give you the bloggy love you deserve!

Thanks for the props, it means a lot!!

Stephanie Hawkins said...

No Soup for you!! Had to say it! hehe. My fav episode of all time. Seinfeld is the best! And i'm totally with you on the swiper no swipping...grrrrrr! I guess 2 straight days of nick jr. will do that, I can only imagine watching it everyday. Love reading your blog everyday. Take care!



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