Monday, January 25, 2010

Mama M's Song

(done to Zac Brown Band's Toes)

I got my toes in the carpet, butt in my chair,
There's puke on my shirt, candy stuck in my hair.
Kids are wild today, Kids are wild today.

Well the baby woke up about 2 o'clock
And the bottle is cold in my hand
Visions of shopping dance in my head
And I standing by the empty coffee pot
Binkies and swings, dollies and blocks are the life that I'm livin in.
I am calling for the father,
The tubs overflowing water
And I'm not going in there again.

I got cheetos on the carpet, stains on the chair,
I can't find a clean shirt and haven't brushed my hair.
Kids are wild today, Kids are wild today.

Adios and someone please save me,
Yeah, I'm going insane.
And if it weren't for the legos and screaming babies
I'd have no reason to wake.
Adios can somebody hear me?
I am losing my brain.
Gonna lay on the carpet and stare at the ceiling
Hope that someone takes me away.

I got tape on my mouth, and arrows in my hair.
My wrists are bound and I am tied to my chair.
Kids are wild today, Kids are wild today.


Tyler said...

LMAO!! Thats great! :)

Mama M. said...

Oh wow. Seriously...that was HILARIOUS!!! Nashville, look out, here comes the Wrangler.

I am still giggling, my kids kept asking me, "what? what?"

GREAT job, my friend! Great job!!

*me, rising to my feet, clapping my hands wildly, screaming crazily*

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the laugh! I'm having one of those days... I'm cleaning and I don't see myself making any progress at all!!!

Working Mommy said...

I'm with Mama deserve a record deal after that one!!


Margaret said...

Too funny! Following from MBC's 200 followers club!

Laura said...

Hahaha love it, this will never get old. Ever.

Mama M. said...

Just had to stop by, again, and read this!!

It still rocks.

Lisa Curcio said...

That is awesome!! You are so freaking funny :)


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